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Hailey Langley refuses to be a victim and has moved on from her traumatic past. But her marriage problems worsen when a deadly illicit drug threatens to draw her into the life she left behind.


Mark Langley has allowed his job to interfere with his marriage, but he never suspected the secrets in Hailey’s past might hold the key to solving both of his current investigations.


Together, they must unravel the mystery of the drug called Euphoria and find a way to save not only their marriage, but countless lives, before it’s too late.

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Becker's Euphoria is a fast-paced gripping thriller that is filled with so many twists and turns it captures the reader from the first page and holds them hostage until the final mind-blowing end.


Hailey Robinson survives a traumatic childhood. As an adult, she appears as an everyday wife and mother of two, but even her husband of ten years doesn’t know who Hailey really is, the horrors she survived as a child, or the secret life she leads.


The fast-paced, suspense-filled plot is complex and revolves around the development of a super drug that is supposed to induce a euphoric state, but in the wrong hands is altered and causes unsuspecting teens to hallucinate and die. Each character is well-developed and their lives are interwoven. Every paragraph moves the plot and multiple subplots forward that the reader is constantly at the edge of their seat wondering what will happen next.


Becker takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride through the world of illegal drug development and sale. Drugs, greed, murder, violence, mayhem, and even romance, Euphoria delivers on every level!  ~Mona Sedrak, author of Six Months

Finding Euphoria

By C. Becker


The book starts like a freight train, and then gathers even more momentum. Seventeen year old Hailey is a victim of a kidnapping gone wrong, and horrifically injured. Recovery is a long haul back for her and while she tries to overcome numerous hurdles she discovers both parents were killed in a car accident.


Fast forward several years and she returns to university, meets and falls for Mark who on graduation becomes a criminal investigator and tries to break a drug ring responsible for many deaths with a new deadly drug. But what is the mystery surrounding Hailey, and what happened in her past that she can't discuss with even him? And can their marriage survive? 


The reader is taken along on a roller-coaster ride in this taught, well developed and suspenseful thriller.~Stephen King author of Thirty Three Days

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