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Saving Euphoria

The second story in the Euphoria series has just as many twists and turns as the first book. And a lot of heartache...

Mark Langley will do anything to protect his family, even help the firebrand Colleen Toole who once tried to kill him. She has a secret that Mark will risk anything to keep. When Mark lets down his guard, life changes forever. Burned in a fire, he hides from the people who love him the most as he works toward a full recovery. But the fire and therapies are the least of his worries. Winning back his wife is his toughest battle.

Hailey Langley wants to move on after losing her husband, Mark, in a fire. She has many questions but no answers. When her former SCA partner, Agent Tom Parker comes to town ready to rekindle smoldering passions, Hailey asks for his help.

But Hailey learns Mark isn’t the only one with a secret. Parker didn’t “happen” to come to town again. Hailey and Parker grow closer, and she opens her heart to him for he has twice saved her, leading her from despair to living again. Soon Hailey discovers she can’t trust anyone, not even those closest around her. Nothing is what it seems.

Will she find out what caused Mark’s death and move on with life? Or is there more heartbreak waiting for her?

Saving Euphoria. Trust No One.


Book 3-
Embracing Euphoria

(Under contract)

Yesterday's Wishes

No science in this romance. LOL. Set in the Wyoming mountainside, this book takes on another favorite activity of mine--designing and remodeling. The rough draft is still in progress.

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