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Two Great Words

After over a year of writing my next novel in the Euphoria series, I typed --The End. I felt a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, knowing the long nights had been worth the effort. I look back and think to myself, "How did I write this?"

On another note, I think I would have made a good juggler, especially during this COVID year. My house is full of teleworkers. My family has been home during the pandemic, and working, writing, cleaning, and cooking still need attention. Our internet speed has caused many harried moments linking into computers and attending virtual meetings, but despite the tight space and high grocery bills, I can't complain. Spending family time is the absolute best thing that's come from the pandemic. I think my dog loves this living situation better than me! My adult children are home for a while, moments I never would have had experienced. I cherish every minute. Find something good in your life today.

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